Monday, May 31, 2021

Reading Rat - May 2021

Articles, Essays, Reviews

Reasons to Miss the Old Union South: The austere building had its charms, by Niki Denison, On Wisconsin

Guat’s Not to Like? My Guatemalan vacation, by Bert Stratton, City Journal

Who Killed the Recumbent Bicycle? How a dominant technology became viewed as the only option, with no need for better-designed competitors. By Livia Gershon, JSTOR Daily

Rioting amid demonstrations for racial justice may have helped Donald Trump, Graphic Detail feature, The Economist

45 + 2022 = 0: Why the GOP's new Trumpless Tower will collapse, by Mickey Kaus, KausFiles #38:

How LGBTQ+ Activists Got "Homosexuality" out of the DSM: The first DSM, created in 1952, established a hierarchy of sexual deviancies, vaulting heterosexual behavior to an idealized place in American culture. By Ray Levy Uyeda, JSTOR daily

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