Monday, November 16, 2020


[Starting tomorrow, this blog will focus much more on great books, liberal education, and the life and work of Mortimer Adler. The content of the stand-alone Testimonials page, often regarding religion or my writing style, has been re-posted below.]

You remind me of the Pharisees, tithing mint and cumin. --a former pastor

Anyway, I still haven't banned Terrence Berres yet. --Tom Foley

Terrence Berres' entry reminded me of the child's tactic used to avoid the issue at hand "ya but he hit me first!" --Anonymous

Terrence, you really are a class act. --John M Haynes

You sure are a bitter, cynical person. --Anonymous

I thought what the Vatican said was gold among the conservative Catholic element. Welcome to the cafeteria, I guess. --"A Faithful Catholic"

seems to hold a black belt in indistinct contrariety --John Michlig

(...rather earnest....) --Robert Swipe

excommunicated and anathemized --Fr. Chadwick LeJanvier, SSLI

PH [Phariseeism], R [Republicanism], C [Clericalism], O [Offensive (anti-womyn, anti-GLBTNA, etc)] --Father Tim [Plarvik]

...glossing...with a bit too much facility. --Dad29

I've spent a great deal of time in the past year attempting to dialogue with pro-war Catholics such as Mr. Berres... and the experiences have not been very fruitful ... --Mark Peters cybernemesis... --Karen Marie Knapp

...postings are very interesting. ... appear[s] to have been victimized by the Jesuit philosophy department at Marquette. --Geoff Davidian

I found him very rude in his delivery. I could understand his concerns, but given the arrogance in his tone, I found it difficult to be charitable toward him. --Fr. Shawn O'Neal

What does Mr. Laconic have to say today? --Zayn Siyam

As usual, superb wit, deep insight, fuzzy logic, and a touch of sophistry. --Willem Vermeer

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