Conference Calendar


  • Oct 4-6 Inaugural Conference, Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
  • 9th October Stoicon 2021, by Modern Stoicism
  • Oct 20-23 "Addressing Precarity: Semiotics, Semiosis, and Semioethics" The 45th Annual Conference (Virtual), Semiotic Society of America, Pittsburgh
  • Oct 24 Annual Conference and Gala, Chicago, Catholic Art Institute
  • Oct 27-29 "Second Scholasticism, Analytical Metaphysics, Christian Apologetics", A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday, Catholic Theological Faculty, Prague
  • Oct 28-30 "The Public and the Private", Society for U.S. Intellectual History annual conference, Nashville
  • November 4-5 "Challenges to religious identity in public life – between art and medicine", Laboratorium Wolności Religijnej, Toruń, Poland


  • February 10-12 "St. Thomas Aquinas as Spiritual Teacher: Theology in a Culture of Grace", The Aquinas Center, Ave Maria, Florida
  • March 10-12 Western Political Science Association 2022 annual meeting, Portland Oregon
  • May 20-22 "Strangers and Neighbors: Hostility and Hospitality in Late Medieval/Early Modern European Contexts", Conference, University of Notre Dame, Department of Theology
  • 2-4 June Symposium Thomisticum V, Dominican Collegium, Cracow
  • 25-26 August "Democratic Disorder: Disinformation, the Media and Crisis in a Time of Change" Seventh International Conference on Communication & Media Studies, National University of Ireland Galway
  • 22-23 September> "Here Comes the Metaverse: Designing the Virtual and the Real", 13th International Conference on The Image, The University of Texas at Austin

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