Conference Calendar

  • Aug 25-28 "Language, Individual & Society", 15th International Conference, The Science & Education Foundation, Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Sept 13-14 "Picture a Pandemic: Considering the Social Construction of Meaning in Digital Networks", 12th International Conference on The Image, Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon, School of Education
  • Sept 17-19 "Interpretation of Scripture and Ecclesial Exegesis: A Search for Integrated Theology", St. Bernard's School of Theology and Ministry, Rochester, New York
  • Sept 18-19 "Civilizational States and Liberal Empire—Bound to Collide?" Telos Paul Piccone Institute Conference, NYC
  • Oct 4-6 Inaugural Conference, Society for Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
  • Oct 20-23 "Addressing Precarity: Semiotics, Semiosis, and Semioethics" The 45th Annual Conference (Virtual), Semiotic Society of America, Pittsburgh
  • Oct 27-29 "Second Scholasticism, Analytical Metaphysics, Christian Apologetics", A Conference in Honour of Professor Stanislav Sousedík’s 90th birthday, Catholic Theological Faculty, Prague
  • Oct 28-30 "The Public and the Private", Society for U.S. Intellectual History annual conference, Nashville
  • November 4-5 "Challenges to religious identity in public life – between art and medicine", Laboratorium Wolności Religijnej, Toruń, Poland
    • 2022
  • 2-4 June Symposium Thomisticum V, Dominican Collegium, Cracow