Monday, May 31, 2021

An Eastern reading list from Oxford World’s Classics

Kirsty Doole at OUPblog.

"The great works of the Eastern world have provided inspiration for this month’s Oxford World’s Classics reading list. From those you have probably heard of (like the Kamasutra) to those you may not have (such as The Recognition of Sakuntala), these classic works provide a window on the classical worlds of India, China, and the Middle East."
There does not appear to be any secular Eastern collection along the lines of Great Books of the Western World, though there is Sacred Books of the East (50 volumes, 1879-1910).

See Wm. Theodore de Bary, et al., "The Great Books of the East", The Great Ideas Today 1987, p. 222. [The Great Ideas Today was a series of one volumen annual supplements to Great Books of the Western World published from 1961 through 1998.]

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