Wednesday, April 2, 2014

No Canossa, maybe cannoli

An email from our local chapter of Catholics United for the Faith I interpret to mean the quasi-interdict for criticism of the adoption of Common Core education standards by our Archdiocese of Milwaukee is personal, not group. That is, it keeps Dr. Duke Pesta from giving presentations at any parish in our Archdiocese. Instead, he will appear April 6th 1:00 pm at the Southwest Library in Kenosha, and April 30th 5:00 pm returns to Mama's Italian Cuisine in Milwaukee. (see my earlier post Pasta with Pesta?)

On the other hand, the CUF Milwaukee group's upcoming meeting is May 4th 1:45 pm in the parish hall at St. John the Evangelist Church in Greenfield.

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  1. The Archbishop also fails to explain the "human development" contributions to the Alinsky-ites in this area which continue to this day.

    He calls such donations "strategic."

    But not self-serving.