Wednesday, January 15, 2014

On the one thousand one hundred and sixth day, ArchMil created a draft plan of reorganization

Our Archdiocese has incurred an average of about $10,000 a day in legal fees over its three years in bankruptcy, but there's a downside. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's report on the upcoming release of a plan of reorganization includes this.
"'It's been three years since our Chapter 11 petition was filed, and it is time for the archdiocese to return its focus to its ministry of charity, service and education,' Topczewski [Jerry Topczewski, Archbishop Listecki's chief of staff] said [in an email]."
A secular organization's strategy, or at least media strategy, would be that it filed for Chapter 11 so that it could continue its mission. It's hard to imagine an airline in Chapter 11 saying its goal is to eventually return its focus to safe, reliable, and convenient transportation.

The article quotes Jonathan Lipson, a bankruptcy law professor.

"'The archdiocese of Milwaukee has been far more aggressive, far more litigious than any other diocese I've observed,' Lipson said. 'They would rather pay their lawyers than pay claimants.'"
I'll concede that if our Archdiocese's mission can be subordinated to it, then one might make sense of this litigation strategy.

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