Saturday, October 26, 2013

Some soles, All Souls

2013 Women of Christ Conference November 2nd at the Washington County Fairgrounds. (via Badger Catholic Twitter feed)

Soles for Catholic Education Walk, also November 2nd

St. Alphonsus, Greendale, Parish Mission, November 2nd-6th, features Father Richard Fragomeni. Here is his Reflections on Vatican II and Liturgy [video], excerpted from his contribution to the Catholic Theological Union Lecture Series: Rediscovering Vatican II.

For Priesthood Sunday,
From A Priest, by Rev. Robert Nash, S.J., "Passionate devotion to the priesthood on the one hand and violent hatred on the other—both are fully accounted for when we recall Our Lord's words to the effect that His priests are 'chosen out of the world.'"; and
From the Preface to Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw, "Any Catholic may, and many Catholics do, denounce any priest or body of priests, as lazy, drunken, idle, dissolute, and unworthy of their great Church and their function as the pastors of their flocks of human souls."

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  1. so I watched the video thanks for posting it. For people that look on certain others and claim they are nostalgic these people take the cake on the matter..."this was a revolution"; "Pope John didnt tell them what would be done"...Im I the only one that read the opening statement of the council that contradicts this guy? Talk about a hermanutic of rupture...let the world come in fast and furious...damn those "midevil abstract philosophical principles". Just when I thought things were turning the corner there...they bring in that guy...frustrating...oh the fruits a plenty