Friday, October 25, 2013

Debugging debate

Joan Walsh at Salon, October 21, 2013,
"On the one hand, yes, it’s important for Democrats to acknowledge when government screws up, and to fix it.

"On the other hand, when liberals rush conscientiously to do that, they only encourage the completely unbalanced and unhinged coverage of whatever the problem may be."

To which Brian Beutler responds, at Salon, October 22, 2013,

"If the only people making noise about were its avowed enemies, decision makers in the administration would be much more likely to create false bases for denying the extent of the challenges."
After which, Jonathan Cohn, at The New Republic, perceives a need to say,
"...I'm a big believer in health care reform—as a moral imperative and a rational response to an economic crisis. ... But I also believe the first job of all journalists, even opinion journalists, is to convey information truthfully."
(via Mickey Kaus Twitter feed)

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  1. the firing squad might just be turning in on itself...most likely can hope