Monday, September 2, 2013

The angle of the death spiral of the U.S. Catholic Church

Using the data in the post on The Growing Mystery of the 'Missing' Catholic Infants at the Nineteen Sixty-four blog, it appears U.S. Catholic baptisms as a proportion of total U.S. births have declined about 40% in 46 years [33.9% in 1965 to 20.1% in 2011]. I calculate that if this decline continues at that rate, the percentage will be 0% by around 2080. The post says,
"I am often one to caution overreactions to any piece of data. But its hard not to think that there is a pressing need to solve this mystery."
And yet it's hard to cite evidence that our bishops or priests or paid staff think this is a pressing problem. (My usual benchmark for "pressing" is an effort commensurate with a fund-raising campaign.)

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  1. or another diocesan synod for that matter