Sunday, August 11, 2013

Father Rutler's stewardship

Father George Rutler uses his final Pastor's Corner column for an accounting of his twelve years as pastor at Church of Our Saviour in New York City.
"Since 2001 our flock has doubled, and there have been among them nearly a dozen who have been called to the priesthood. ...

"The volunteer faculty of our CCD classes, which have grown ten-fold, could more than match the finest of any school...

"Twelve years ago we were burdened under millions of dollars of mortgage and other debts and costs for the repair of a building in which everything seemed to be collapsing at the same time. All that has been reversed, every penny of debt is paid, and the church has virtually been reconstructed, along with the installation of a new organ and many other improvements, renovations and fine art. ..."

I have long advocated that a parish publish an annual report of both financial and nonfinancial results. An accounting at the end of a pastor's term would be a start.

P.S. His new assignments are pastor of the Church of Saint Michael, 424 West 34th Street (between 9th and 10th Avenues), and administrator of The Church of the Holy Innocents, 424 West 34th Street (between Broadway and 7th Aveune).

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