Saturday, June 9, 2012

His crosshairs to bear

"According to press reports, aides claim the president is a student of St. Augustine and St. Thomas Aquinas who brings their views to targeting choices. This is scarcely believable.

"But even taking the claim at face value, just-war theory should broaden, rather than limit, the use of force against terrorists. The work of the Catholic theologians drew upon traditions stretching back to the ancient world that would have considered terrorists to be hostis humani generis, the enemy of all mankind, who merited virtually no protections under the laws of war."

--John You, Obama, Drones and Thomas Aquinas


  1. Aquinas5:26 PM

    Mr. Obama wouldn't know me if I came up and bit him in the leg. As for having read, much less understood me, I'd put the chances at exactly 0.

  2. Having said that, TA, what of the fact that the common understanding of JWT only encompasses "states"?

    I.E., is the claim of the author (You) correct that TA would approve assassinations of hostis humani generis?

  3. Aquinas2:30 PM

    Enemies of mankind?
    Self defense. Nuke 'em.
    The operative words here (and this is very, very important):
    Self defense.