Thursday, September 23, 2010

Going his way

You might recall that in the September 12th parish bulletin our pastor announced a snap retention election, including a ballot for the following Sunday, September 19th. As often happens in elections, the campaign had to issue a clarification of an earlier statement by the candidate. It appeared in the September 19th bulletin.

I regret if my "ballot" in last week’s bulletin caused some members a bit of concern. There is no hidden agenda. I am quite happy as your pastor. I simply wanted to take the opportunity to re-affirm our "partnership," as outlined in the article in last week’s bulletin. I have done this in my previous parishes. Hope this helps to clarify. - Fr. Alan
It makes it even clearer that it was all his idea, but doesn't clarify how springing this fits with partnership, or with moving away from clericalism.


  1. Aquinas9:56 AM

    He's an emotional adolescent—manipulative, self-centered, and insecure. He's looking to be "affirmed." Parishioners, by filling out a stupid ballot, will "discern" this "affirmation." Then, he'll feel better about himself. It's rigged that way. And, hey! He's done it in his previous parishes, so it must be ok! There is precedent!

    Really; this whole generation of Milwaukee priests can't retire quickly enough...

  2. Apparently everybody in the parish looking at him and listening to him for an hour every week isn't enough. Maybe it's that hard to understand English translation.... oh wait, that's not til next year..

    There's help on the way.