Thursday, September 16, 2010

Election preview

In our pastor's column in last Sunday's St. Al's bulletin he notes he is at the mid-point of his six year term. He goes on to say he is taking a step to reduce clericalism by, unilaterally it appears, setting a Yes or No vote this weekend on his continuing as pastor.

It looks like he's expecting a "Yes" vote, since he goes on to say,
Additionally, I am asking for your advice as to which pastoral needs you believe should be a priority. Your suggestions and ideas will be appreciated.
A campaign promise! It reminds me, though, that shortly after he arrived he held his first "Town Hall" meeting. The subject was liturgy. In the Q and A, another parishioner suggested the reverence of the parish liturgy would be enhanced by the presider genuflecting at the Consecration. Father's response left me with the distinct impression that the suggestion was not actually appreciated.

I expect a "Yes" vote if for no other reason than that voting him out would make the new pastor our fourth in less than six years.

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  1. I hope for you the next generation of priests come soon...