Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Without really trying

Archbishop Dolan posts
But it is fair to say that, just as the Catholic Church may have been a bleak example of how not to respond to this tragedy in the past, the Church is now a model of what to do.
Surely, then, it is fair for even someone not from Missouri to say show me the organizations that acknowledge they have modeled their response on that of the Catholic Church.

He goes on,
... Paul McHugh, an international scholar on this subject at Johns Hopkins University, remarked, “Nobody is doing more to address the tragedy of sexual abuse of minors than the Catholic Church.”

That, of course, is another headline you’ll never see.
Actually, just in the Milwaukee Catholic Herald, you'll find Dr. McHugh's words quoted or referred to in articles with these headlines.
State bishops oppose legislation to repeal statute of limitations

Archbishop offers encouragement, despite challenging times

Church cannot let up in fight against sexual abuse of young

The church responds and endures
Assuming bishops keep repeating the McHugh talking point to reassure us, rather than themselves, it's not working. It leaves the impression they have nothing else to back up what they say.

(via Whispers in the Loggia)

P.S. There's more on Dr. McHugh at the Office of Media Relations of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

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