Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dean Weissmuller interviewed in the Chicago Tribune

Milwaukee priest’s victims have questions, no answers: Former Chicagoan recalls alleged abuse in case that has reached to the Vatican, by Manya A. Brachear and Marie Rohde
Weissmuller, now 51, and four other men who filed a lawsuit last August learned last week that they were part of a scandal with global implications. The New York Times revealed new evidence that then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, might have known about Murphy's misconduct at least a few years before he died but never took steps to remove him from the priesthood.
If that isn't an accurate description of Cardinal Ratzinger's actions, that's what happens when the first source for information about what's happening in lawsuits against our Archdiocese is The New York Times, as opposed to, say, our Archdiocese.

(via comment by "Catholic Bill" at Pressroom Buzz)

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  1. Disappointing to note that even Marie Rohde gets the story wrong.

    That case was NOT "dismissed."