Sunday, January 24, 2010

Semantic Time Travel, by Caleb Crain, review of 'Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary'

Nonfiction Chronicle, by Tara McKelvey, includes review of 'The Awakener: A Memoir of Kerouac and the Fifties', by Helen Weaver

Not only connected, by Brooke Allen, review of 'Concerning E. M. Forster', by Frank Kermode

Portrait of macabre author: Edgar Allan Poe shows a younger, vigorous scholar on the rise, by Ben Nuckols

Living Constitution, Dying Faith, by Lee J. Strang, review of 'Living Constitution, Dying Faith: Progressivism and the New Science of Jurisprudence, by Bradley C.S. Watson

Story of Newton's encounter with apple goes online, by Raphael G. Satter (via JSOnline)

Reading Rat: Recommended reading by these authors.

Also of interest: Where Baby Orwell Lived, by Charles McGrath

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