Sunday, January 24, 2010

Extending remarks for the record

Marie Rohde reports free-lance from Milwaukee in the National Catholic Reporter, New archbishop faces tough questions.

I was asked to comment for the article and part of what I said was quoted and characterized as "pushing the archdiocese to release detailed financial accounts." As an exercise in a reporter's or editor's judgment, I have no complaint about that. And to say I can push something from this blog is rather improbable, though flattering.

But since I have a medium at hand, I'll elaborate. The entirety of my comment was,
If I could only request or suggest one thing to Archbishop Listecki, it would be to see to it that every year every Catholic household receive the parish Status Animarum report (like this example) and the aggregate of the information for the entire Archdiocese. Even better, these would include graphs of trends. At my parish, at least, we receive a steady stream of parish financial information. If we received detailed information about what that money is, or isn’t, accomplishing, perhaps we’d give more money, more time, and more attention.

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