Friday, November 27, 2009

Snark launch, photo from 45th Range Squadron, 45th Space Wing, Patrick Air Force Base Nearly unbelievably, Pontiac’s "officially official" demise will be even more depressing: a Mexico-built G3 Wave (neé Aveo) to be sold to a lucky Canadian. --Edward Niedermeyer

Lucky that they weren't more "compassionate" and didn't try to starve and dehydrate him to death. --Flexo comment at Althouse post on Man trapped in 23-year 'coma' reveals horror of being unable to tell doctors he was conscious

As Palin thrives on the ire of the left, so she does from the disdain of Republican leaders who, with a condescension rivaling the sexism they decry in liberals, belittle her as a lightweight or instruct her to eat think-tank spinach. --Frank Rich

Lt. Col. Tim Donovan says the detainees at Camp Cropper [in Iraq] needle the guards [U.S. troops from Wisconsin] about Favre's success as a Viking. --Channel 3000 (via WisPolitics)

Few people fight as savagely as humanitarians. --Nicholas D. Kristof

How would you feel if you were a gay man and a uterus was following you on the Internet? --Dan Riehl (via Kent at Althouse)

At a time when wealthy Westerners buy Fairtrade chocolate and fruit because they love the thought of eating earthy stuff produced by back-broken Africans, at a time when buzzphrases like ‘sustainable development’ are used to justify hard labour over economic progress in the Third World, and at a time when we are frequently told by greens that our greedy habits of consumption are bringing about the fiery and flood-ridden end of the world, it seems pretty clear that the Mother Teresa-style celebration of poverty has not a patch on the contemporary secular elevation of the eco-life. --Brendan O’Neill (via Arts & Letters Daily)

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