Monday, November 23, 2009

Milwaukee Catholics down 38,000 in 2009

The Archdiocese of Milwaukee statistics published annually in the (print-only) Directory supplement to the Milwaukee Catholic Herald show a Catholic population of 643,775 in the just-published 2010 edition, compared to 681,781 in the 2009 edition of a year ago. That's a decrease of 38,006 or 5.5%.

I have not seen an Archdiocesan explanation of these statistics. This might not reflect an actual year-to-year decrease, but rather that recent parish censuses finally showed previously unreported declines. But that is only a question of what the rate of decline has been, not what will be done to reverse it. If anything.


  1. Anonymous9:40 AM

    Well, the last two archbishops have not been worried about the decline in the numbers of Catholics. It remains to be seen if Archbishop Listecki has any worries over this?

  2. There is Archbishop Dolan's Living Our Faith initiative, which includes such things at the television program and the insert section in today's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

  3. I wonder if our anonymous friend is Jack or Faithful Catholic. Speaking of which, has Jack always been so sex-obsessed. He's currently going on his usual diatribe.

  4. Both have commented here under those names, so I assume not.

    There is at least one anonymous commenter who regularly reiterates criticism of Archbishop Dolan for leaving the existing archdiocesan leadership largely in place. Perhaps Dolan thought these folks could be made to realize the Archdiocesan death spiral just might have something to do with how things had been done over the last few decades.