Monday, August 25, 2008

David Sedaris Gets Frey-Olated

Izzy Grinspan in the Daily Shvitz at Jewcy, March 14, 2007, was discussing with Michael Weiss when it is and isn't appropriate for a writer to make things up.
Michael: There's a great bit in The Last Days of Disco. Ever see the movie? Alice [Alice Kinnon (Chloe Sevigny)] is in book publishing as an assistant. She gets a manuscript written by someone claiming to be descendant of the Dalai Lama. But it turns out, he's a liar—just some guy interested in Buddhism. So she switches the genre from autobiography to self-help: instant bestseller.

As I recall, it was supposedly the Dalai Lama's brother, which seemed implausible to some of Alice's co-workers even before the hoax was discovered.

Not long after I saw the video of the movie, Tom Heinen blogged about the Dalai Lama's nephew on Tibetan independence walk in Wisconsin.

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