Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Airplane crash victim loved to help others

Sharif Durhams reported in yesterday's Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
A small plane carrying Jensen [Roger Jensen of Amery, Wisconsin], 48, along with his wife, April, his son, Zach, his daughter, Sarah, and other volunteers crashed in a field in eastern Guatemala on Sunday. Ten of the 19 passengers died, including Roger Jensen and Zach, 16. Sarah Jensen, 19, told reporters that she and her mother were injured.

The Jensens were in Guatemala building houses as volunteers with Choice Humanitarian.

As background, Nick Bohr of WISN-TV interviewed Rita Frohna at St. Al's about the Guatemala mission trips of the Friendship Without Borders group. (All her plugs for the group by name ended up on the digital equivalent of the cutting room floor.) FWB started with one trip a year, but this has grown to two to Guatemala and one to Peru each year. Long-time readers (if any) might recall I've posted on some of our Guatemala trips each spring in the past seven years.

The crash and interview were among the topics at last night's planning meeting for the mission trip we'll be on, this time to Peru ($ee $idebar). Unlike the Guatemala trips, the Peru trip involves flights within the country, which I'll have to rationalize avoiding mentioning to my mother. Parents never stop worrying, as the saying goes, even when their children are grandparents themselves.

Rita was, I assume, expressing sentiment, not theology, that missionaries go to heaven, even us "mission tourists". Besides, there'd be a Catholic cliche variation that mission trips won't count if you enjoy them.

So pray for the Jensens and the other folks on their plane, and add a prayer for our trip or in thanksgiving that I won't be blogging while I'm away.

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