Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Worshipper, church clash

Linda Spice reports in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on efforts by Blessed Sacrament Church, some of its neighbors, and a couple of Milwaukee Aldermen, to get a court order that 75 year old Cecelia Kaczmarski stay away.
"Cecelia has been stalking the parish for at least 10 years," he [pastor Father Robert Turner] wrote in the petition. "She parks in front of the rectory where she claims she has visions. She has been ordered to move many times by the police. She always returns. The school children are afraid of her presence. Older parishioners are annoyed by her presence and she appears to be dead in the car. ..."

The court denied an injunction. One issue raised was that people sometimes call the paramedics when they see Ms. Kaczmarski in her car, apparently unresponsive.
One of those calls came from [Alderman Joe] Dudzik himself.

"She said I should stop looking at her because I was the Antichrist. I've been called worse," Dudzik said.

Life imtitates art, if I'm correctly recalling that 'The Antichrist ... or worse' was a phrase used in one article in the Wall Street Journal parody by Doug Kenney in National Lampoon, Volume 1, Issue 2 (May 1970).

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