Thursday, May 22, 2008

Faith, family ties unite Paul and Elsie Bucher

Karen Mahoney reported, Special to "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald, April 17, 2008, on the reuniting of Paul Bucher and his long-institutionalized aunt Elsie. While caring for his ailing father a few years ago, Mr. Bucher first heard of some family secrets, including Aunt Elsie.
While Elsie had heard of former Waukesha County district attorney Paul Bucher, until an impromptu visit five years ago, she never imagined that he was her nephew and the connection to her heritage.

When the popular attorney arrived at St. Coletta's he was surprised that Elsie knew all about him through watching him on television.

"That just made me question why she was at St. Coletta's," he admitted. "Anyway, she was very happy to see me and meet me, as I was with Elsie."

Beaming, the petite 89-year-old said she had no idea that the man she saw so often on television was related to her.

They've kept in regular contact since.

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