Monday, April 28, 2008

No "Day of Silence" at Marquette University High School on April 25

The April 2008 newsletter of the Milwaukee chapter of Cathlics United for the Faith included this item.
A FALSE report that Marquette University High School is taking part in the national “Day of Silence” (DOS) has appeared on the internet. It is simply not true, nor has MUHS ever taken part in this activity in the past.

Decades ago Marquette students sometimes did affect an aversion which might be termed homofauxbia.
The DOS is sponsored by an activist homosexual group, and claims to show support for homosexual students. Many believe, however, it is a push to promote the homosexual lifestyle in our high schools. (Pius XI High School has supported the DOS in the past, and is reported to support this year’s effort. A phone call to the school was not returned.)

One of the student clubs at Pius is the Gay Straight Alliance. Marquette doesn't have an equivalent club listed, at least not explicitly.

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