Monday, April 28, 2008

Despite fewer donors, CSA tops $7.6 million goal

Quite a few issues of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald have piled up on "my" my desk. In the December 6, 2007 issue Brian T. Olszewski reported on the results of last year's Catholic Stewardship Appeal. The Appeal's director, Robert Bohlmann, had announced it had exceeded its $7.6 million goal.
"Despite the fact that we're down 2,600 donors, I'm really inspired by that and encouraged, because I think it is an incredible achievement in light of the fact that we have had fewer people give," he told your Catholic Herald.

A couple of years back when Debra Lethlean was appointed director of development of our Archdiocese, she then attributed the decline in donors to the pedophilia crisis and the retirement of Archbishop Rembert G. Weakland (see this earlier post). A decline now might still indicate these two issues have not been addressed to people's satisfaction. On the other hand, if the number of donors declines to one, yet that gives a greater total, perhaps this will still be said to inspire and encourage.

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  1. Anonymous12:48 PM

    Only in Milwaukee would they give less donors a positive spin. They would refuse to believe that is it a sign that still nobody trusts them. And for whatever his reasons, as long as Archbishop Dolan surrounds himself with Weakland's people........there is no reason anybody associated with the Archdiocese should be believed.