Friday, March 28, 2008

When is second Communion?

Don’t let first Communion be last

An answer to the question in the preceding post might be in the "Parenting" supplement to the Milwaukee Catholic Herald, March 27, 2008. It reprints this piece by Fr. Richard Stoffel from the April 29, 2007 bulletin of Resurrection Church in Allenton.

What if parents have their daughter taught how important Communion is, but after her First Communion don't take her to Sunday Mass? She might take it upon herself to make other arrangements.

Ten minutes before Mass, Father gets an unexpected telephone call.
When I answered, a little voice said, "Hi Fr. Rick, it's me; come pick me up for Mass!"

Before I could respond, she hung up ... she trusted that I had meant what I had said!

When he said if no one else would, he'd take her to Mass.
After a moment of panic, I remembered where the family lived, told the ushers I'd be back in time to start Mass, and went to get her!

Imagine Mom and Dad as they answered the door in bedclothes, seeing a man fully vested for Mass at their front door, explaining that their little girl had called for a ride to Mass and that I was there to bring her if they would allow, their little girl tugging, happily pleading permission to go with me!

Father reports seeing the family at Mass more regularly since.

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