Thursday, March 27, 2008

Five years on

Diogenes at Off the Record reflects on the reason for that blog.
Perhaps no Catholic bishop or religious superior has publicly stated his disbelief in the possibility that a soul might be lost. Yet it is so rare for a churchman to affirm this doctrine that it's stunning when it does occur -- think of the amazed indignation in response to the disciplinary actions of Bishops Bruskewitz and Burke.

More disquieting than the bishops' silence, however, is their "performative" repudiation of a salvific component to their ministry. Whatever their personal opinions may be, they don't act as if it were possible for a man to lose his soul by making a spiritually lethal choice.

Bishops? Religious superiors? Priests? "Anyone?"


  1. In this regard, I find it refreshing that Abp Dolan reminds Catholics of "living up to their Baptismal promises" in his current series of advertisements.

    Of course, it would be more helpful if he would READ those promises, as some may have forgotten them.

  2. Some time ago I purchased a CD of German Beer Garden songs. One of them is "Wir Kommen Alle in Den Himmel". My German is pretty sparse, but if I'm translating the title properly, it would appear to reflect the conviction of much of the clergy, post Vatican II...