Monday, January 28, 2008

Priests are happy without wives

This column by Andrew Greely ran in the January 24, 2008 edition of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald.
I see by the papers that priests in Milwaukee are sending a delegation to meet with their archbishop about the terrible state of their morale.

Priests, or Priests Alliance priests?

Update: In the January 31, 2008, issue of "our" Milwaukee Catholic Herald, Father Greeley's column drew an op-ed by Father Andrew Nelson and a letter to the editor from Mark Peters. Father Nelson is identified, but apparently space did not permit identifying Mr. Peters as a parish consultant for our Archdiocese. Fr. Greeley's critique of "crusading Catholic lay leaders" drew this rejoinder from Peters.
What we are crudading for is recognition that married sexuality (and gender) is not incompatible with any form of church leadership.

Maybe he's one of the "some people" in Thoughts and Ponderings - No. 1.

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