Monday, March 5, 2007

New condo tower brings height you won't hate

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel architecture critic Whitney Gould in her "Spaces" column today says
almost anytime someone here proposes a tall building outside the central business district - even a building that by big-city standards isn't terribly tall - the old not-in-my-backyard hackles go up.

What do those hackles say?
Out of character, out of scale, we're not Chicago, there goes the neighborhood - well, you know the litany.

So you might assume she will now show how "a tall building outside the central business district" refutes that criticism.
Case in point: The new University Club Tower, 825 N. Prospect Ave., a 36-story condo spire just south of E. Kilbourn Ave.

Later she explains that the building is white because of "the white icons nearby" including "the U.S. Bank Building". Which is the tallest building in Wisconsin. Discussing the high price of condo units in the new building, she says
(...That Milwaukee can support such pricey pads testifies to the vigor of the downtown renewal.)

So this is a tall building inside the central business district, irrelevant to answering the "litany" of criticisms.

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