Monday, March 5, 2007

John Calvin

The depraved genius of John Calvin: ‘Calvinist’ has become a dirty word, used to describe especially dour people. We have forgotten that John Calvin was not only a severe Christian but also a key figure in the intellectual making of the modern world, by Dolan Cummings, The Spiked Review of Books, July 2009 (via Arts & Letters Daily)

because we are so convinced of the all-pervasive character of human sinfulness, we have made it one of our special Calvinist callings to keep reminding other Christians that there is no dimension of our created life that does not afford a real—and often deceptively subtle—opportunity for rebellion against the will of God. In particular, then, while we have no problem admitting that the erotic aspect of our lives was a part of the creation that God originally called good, we also want to point to the real danger that under sinful conditions the erotic can also become a staging area for a violation of the Creator’s purposes. --Richard J. Mouw, Surprised by Calvin, First Things, March 2009

Theology Geek joke by Deacon Scott Dodge (via Catholic and Enjoying It!)

Rushdoony's Critique of Calvin's Geneva, Chalcedon

Humanist Reformer, review by T. M. Moore of Calvin: A Biography, by Bernard Cottret, First Things, April 2001

Calvin and the Christian Calling, by Alister McGrath, First Things June/July 1999

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