Thursday, September 30, 2021

Read Abraham Lincoln’s Inspiring Speech at the Wisconsin State Fair

'Abraham Lincoln made only one documented visit to Milwaukee – but he made it a memorable one.'

Archer Parquette at Milwaukee Magazine on Lincoln's trip from Springfield to Milwaukee for an address at the Wisconsin State Fair on September 30, 1850.

"Lincoln was brought out to the fairgrounds, which were around the intersection of modern-day 12th Street and Wisconsin Avenue. He mounted a wagon-turned-stage underneath a tree to deliver his speech to the crowd. He spoke about farming and about the agricultural contest that was about to be awarded. In his usual Lincoln style, even when speaking about something as simple as fair contest winners, he delivered lines of remarkable eloquence that have lingered in history."
An excerpt and link the full text are provided in the article.

See Lincoln, Gateway to the Great Books (10 Vol., 1963) volume 6

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