Friday, June 4, 2021

Marcus Aurelius’ Advice For Taming Our Anger

'Nine. . . no ten. . . no twelve gifts from the Muses, Apollo, and Aurelius himself'

Gregory B. Sadler, Ph.D., at Practical Rationality.

"Commemorating the 1,900 year anniversary of Marcus Aurelius’ birth, the Chicago branch of the New Acropolis invited me to give a short talk about Marcus to their membership, and I decided to place the focus on a topic in Stoic philosophy that I’ve found particularly helpful — understanding, managing, and lessening the emotion of anger. If you’d like to watch or listen to the talk, you can do so here."

See Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, in Great Books of the Western World (first edition, 52 Vol., 1952) volume 12, (second edition, 60 Vol., 1990) volume 11.

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