Sunday, June 8, 2008

St. Alphonus Parish Council Minutes May 5, 2008

Posted on the bulletin board in the church foyer. Among developments since the April 14, 2008 meeting,
III. New Business
c. Begin discussion changing meeting night for council and meeting less than monthly for (a) council (b) committees

Council meets on a Monday night early in the month, committees all meet on a Tuesday later in the month. I assume it continues to be hard to get enough people who can meet monthly. One problem with the proposal is it's hard to maintain continuity in such bodies if they meet less than monthly. They could instead reduce the number of people needed by reducing the council from 12 to four members (both plus the two parish trustees and pastor) and consolidating committees into the four main areas of responsibility (Word, Worship, Works, and What's happening with the money). Rather than elect or discern council members, the committees in the four areas could each send a liaison to meet with the trustees and pastor monthly.

Or they could just quietly abolish the council, and then committees one by one, to see if anyone notices.

And why only consider changing the council meetings from Monday now, with Brett Favre retired?
V. Committee updates
j. Rectory plan -- property is being looked at for different possible uses. Tenants have been advised.

Even the parish council still calls it the Rectory, though the last priest tenant was forced out years ago. Might as well go back to calling the "Parish Ministry Center" the Convent.

Update: The June 8, 2008 bulletin includes an item on Parish Council News
Beginning in August, the Parish Council will be meeting on Thursdays.

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