Sunday, May 31, 2020

Reading Rat - May 2020

Articles, Essays, Reviews

Teaching cursive and/or coding: Where should Wisconsin draw (or type) the line? by Jeremy Thiesfeldt, Badger Institute

Televisions with the best OTA tuners, antennas, Samsung Q60T television and Roku best for streaming, Sound Advice column, by Don Lindich (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

With schools closed, these South Milwaukee theater students created a virtual play, 'The Quaranteens', by Alec Johnson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Imagine Your Story, Collaborative Summer Reading Program

Great Conversation Reading Group, Current Reading from the Ten Years Reading Plan in Great Books of the Western World:
June, Capital, by Karl Marx, Prefaces, Part I-II;
July, Faust, by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Part I

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