Saturday, February 29, 2020

Reading Rat - February 2020

Articles, Essays, Reviews

Articles by Roger Scruton, The New Criterion archive

Know when it's time to replace plumbing fixtures, by Laura Firszt, More Content Now, The Daily Record, Wooster, Ohio (via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel)

Classic Kirk Essays: A curated selection of Russell Kirk’s classic essays, introduction by Cecilia Kirk Nelson, The Russell Kirk Center

After the Welfare State: Reconceiving Mutual Aid: The 2020 Annual Telos-Paul Piccone Institute Conference, Deutsches Haus at New York University

Why Beauty Matters, by Dana Gioia, video at First Things

In Brief, Brian Morton reviews Confessions of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell, at The Times Literary Supplement

No flash in the pan, Reconsiderations feature by John Steele Gordon, On the beloved brainchild of George MacDonald Fraser, at The New Criterion

Cultural Debris, inaugural Featured Essay, Classic Kirk Essays: a curated selection of Russell Kirk’s perennial essays, at The Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal

Unhappy Warrior: Revisiting Edmund Burke's brilliance and failure, by Ralph Lerner, review of Edmund Burke and the British Empire in the West Indies: Wealth, Power, and Slavery, by P. J. Marshall, Claremont Review of Books


Great Conversation Reading Group, Current Reading from the Ten Years Reading Plan in Great Books of the Western World; March: Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Book II; April: James Boswell, The Life of Samuel Johnson

Great Books 2018-2019 Readings for the Great Books Roundtable Discussions at Special Collections on the Fourth Floor of the Golda Meir Library, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; March 25th or April 1st, Sarah Orne Jewett, "Poor Joanna Todd" Chapters 13-15 from The Country of the Pointed Firs (1910), and Ellen Glasgow, "The Shadowy Third" (1916) and "A Point in Morals" (1898)

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