Thursday, May 31, 2018

Reading Rat - May 2018

Articles, essays, reviews

Milwaukee Streetcars, 60 Years On, by Larry Sakar, at The Trolley Dodger

Missing the Point, by Paul A. Rahe, review of Madison’s Hand: Revising the Constitutional Convention, by Mary Sarah Bilder

Is Neruda still worth reading today? by Ben Bollig, "on the ‘good and the not so good’ in the poet", review of Venture of the Infinite Man, by Pablo Neruda, translated by Jessica Powell, and, Then Come Back: The lost Neruda poems, translated by Forrest Gander

Counting the Butterflies, by Michael Wood, review of Insomniac Dreams: Experiments with Time, by Vladimir Nabokov compiled, edited, and with commentaries, by Gennady Barabtarlo

85 books for summer reading, by Jim Higgins

The Last Days of Time Inc., by Sridhar Pappu and Jay Stowe. "An oral history of how the pre-eminent media organization of the 20th century ended up on the scrap heap."

Instantly create and share a bibliography with ZoteroBib - Even in Bluebook, by Bonnie Shucha

Speaking out of the silence. "The TLS asked a selection of this year’s Hay Festival speakers to share significant memories and thoughts relating to libraries, private and public. Together, these offer a composite portrait of what libraries have been, are and might yet become ..."

Book sales

Franklin - Wisconsin - search U.S. and Canada - at Book Sale Finder, note sale at Franklin Public Library August 23-26, 2018


New and Forthcoming at Paul Dry Books

Author appearances, lectures, conferences

Upcoming events at Barnes and Noble, Greenfield

Upcoming events at Boswell Books, Milwaukee

Author appearances at Milwaukee Public Library locations

Academy of Philosophy and Letters Conference, "Populism and the Failure of Elites", June 1-3, 2018, at the College Park Marriott Hotel & Conference Center, College Park, Maryland.

Seminar on Aristotle and the Aristotelian Tradition, June 25-27, 2018, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Eight Day Institute: Florovsky Week, "The Reformation: An Ecumenical Retrospective", July 10-14, 2018, at Newman University and St George Orthodox Christian Cathedral, Wichita, Kansas.

Aquinas Leadership International World Congress, "Artificial Intelligence and the Futures of Philosophy,Global Leadership, and World Peace", July 20-22, 2018 at Immaculate Conception Seminary, Huntington, New York.

Catholic Answers Conference, "Faith and Science", September 27-30, 2018, San Diego, California.

Front Porch Republic Annual Conference, "1968 Fifty Years Later: A Re-Evaluation", September 22, 2018, at Spring Arbor University, Spring Arbor, Michigan.

Pope Francis Symposium, "Discovering Pope Francis: Theological, Philosophical, Cultural and Spiritual Perspectives", October 8-11, 2018, Sacred Heart Seminary and School of Theology, Franklin, Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Library Association Conference, October 23-26, 2018 at the Radisson La Crosse and La Crosse Convention Center, 200 Harborview Plaza, La Crosse, WI 54601.

Thomas More’s Epigrams and Humanist Letters, 500 Years Later: A Reassessment, November 2-3, 2018, The Center for Thomas More Studies, University of Dallas

Society for U.S. Intellectual History Conference, "Intellectual Sensibilities", November 8-11, 2018, Warwick Allerton Hotel, Chicago, Illinois.

AHA Annual Meeting, "Loyalties", American Historical Association, January 3-6, 2019, Chicago

MLA Annual Convention, "Textual Transactions", Modern Language Association, January 3-6, 2019, Chicago

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