Sunday, April 10, 2016

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel endorses capital punishment

Capital letter, that is, in A letter from Journal Sentinel Publisher Elizabeth Brenner.
"Today is our first day under the ownership of the Gannett Company and our first day as part of the USA TODAY NETWORK.

"... This transaction opens up a bright future for us as we join more than 3,800 journalists that comprise the USA TODAY NETWORK.

"... The USA TODAY NETWORK is a digital-first, innovative and integrated organization committed to strong and sustainable community journalism. ...

"... Bob Dickey, president and chief executive officer of Gannett, last year explained the next-generation USA TODAY NETWORK to employees this way:"

With death (to) sentences:
" 'One focused organization where local stories feed national news, and national news connects with local relevance. All presented with the integrity, clarity and focus only we possess.' "


  1. One wonders ....

    What if the J-S had not been available on-line? What if ONLY in hard-copy?

  2. So there wouldn't be the circulation revenue decline/staff cuts death spiral? It might have helped.

    There would still be the problem of the loss of classified advertising revenue.