Friday, August 21, 2015

Raising the Wrecktory

"And, we should remember, Milwaukee is at odds with the vast majority of dioceses around the globe. In almost all places in the world, priests still live in rectories. The twenty year period of priests moving out of rectories in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, is more likely an historical aberration than a trend for the future."
Our now-Pastor Fr. Aaron Esch so wrote in his column in last Sunday's bulletin (page 2) to answer another of the 'Rectory/Outreach Building—Frequently Asked Questions'.

Seems reasonable, considering this from the Code of Canon Law.

"Can. 533 §1. A pastor is obliged to reside in a rectory near the church. Nevertheless, in particular cases and if there is a just cause, the local ordinary can permit him to reside elsewhere, especially in a house shared by several presbyters, provided that the performance of parochial functions is properly and suitably provided for."
That was not how closing the Rectory came about at St. Alphonsus, see The once and future Rectory?

So how has the proposal to return to the Rectory as priests' residence been received?

The 'Rectory/Outreach Building Survey Results' in the July 19, 2015 parish bulletin(page 2) say that out of 410 respondents given five options, 343 (83.66%) favored "renovate existing building".

The 'Rectory/Outreach Building Survey Results' in the July 26, 2015 parish bulletin (page 2) say respondents supported "a capital campaign for debt reduction and renovation of the rectory" 406 to 42.

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