Friday, March 27, 2015

And then there's Maudy Thursday

From our parish bulletin for last Sunday.
"Maudy Thursday—The Last Supper

"Jesus understands his time on Earth is nearly over. He gathers his friends and followers (his 12 Disciples, including saints John, Matthew, Mark and Simon—the men who went on to describe their experiences with Jesus in the four gospels, which feature in the New Testament of the Bible) together to share a final meal with them—the 'Last Supper.' ..."

It's attributed to, and quoted from the Maundy Thursday section of this post, at NetMums.

Might make a good catechetical 'What's wrong with this picture' exercise.


  1. Perhaps Mark was bilocating? I like how Simon(the Zealot?) is mentioned, but not Simon Peter. It says alot about a parish that wants to ignore the presence of the pope.

  2. I wouldn't read that much into this item, since it was copied verbatim from the internet.

    What is a bit surprising is that it was copied verbatim. The content wasn't deemed in need of fact-checking.