Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Franklin considers resident's request for dog park

John Rasche reported at Franklin Now.
"[Jeremy] Affolter pitched the idea to the Franklin Parks Commission last December.
"But the parks commission does have a good idea of where the facility should be located: Southwest Park, which does not exist yet but is on the docket for development, under the city's forward-thinking [sic] recreation plan.
"The CORP [Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan] proposes the Southwest Park be "an approximately 350-acre regional park comprised of the existing 165-acre Milwaukee County-owned Franklin Park and an additional 175 to 200 acres to be acquired by the city of Franklin."
I haven't read the 274 page plan. A pond with a little beach, deep enough for canoeing, kayaking, sailing dinghies, maybe with winter skating, would be nice to have someday.

Update: John Rasche has since reported that an Informal poll to gauge interest for Franklin dog park. Mayor Steve Olson had the online poll posted.

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