Thursday, December 4, 2014

With monitoring services secured for 2015, Franklin sets new conditions for future quarry contracts

John Rasche posted at Franklin Now
"The common council has set new conditions for future contracts related to the city's quarry-monitoring services, after signing a contract with a monitoring agency for 2015.

"The conditions stem from residents' complaints in August that the quarry's blasting had significantly increased after the city's contract with Stantec expired. ..."

"With the 2015 contract signed and future negotiation conditions set, there remains only one last item to address, [Alderwoman Kristen] Wilhelm said.

"The council directed staff and the QMC [quarry monitoring committee] to update the city's nonmetallic mining reclamation ordinance, which lays out a plan for when quarry operations do cease, with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources' model ordinance by Jan. 1, 2015."

A lake with a sand beach would be nice.

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