Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Franklin to negotiate terms of West St. Martins Road repair, ownership with Milwaukee County

John Rasche reported at Franklin Now.
"Milwaukee County has offered to pay for complete reconstruction of West St. Martins as long as the city of Franklin takes ownership of the road after the project.

"The common council discussed the proposed 'jurisdictional transfer' of the road during a meeting on Dec. 16. And although the council agreed the road needed to be rebuilt, the aldermen were hesitant about what the reconstruction project may require, such as sidewalks and wider shoulders.
"Franklin officials addressed an almost identical proposal earlier this year, when Milwaukee County wished to turn over its South North Cape Road ownership to the city after a complete reconstruction. The project faced multiple objections from residents on South North Cape Road, who opposed sidewalk installation and tree removal as outlined in proposed designs.

"After several rounds of negotiations, city and county officials compromised on a road design without sidewalk installation and minimal tree removal. The compromise, however, cost the county $600,000 in state financial aid through the County Highway Improvement Program, which would have required sidewalk installation.
"The council unanimously approved the jurisdictional transfer [of St. Martins Road], but listed several conditions for the arrangement in a resolution.

"The resolution calls for removal of the old asphalt, resurfacing the road, widening the cross section to a maximum of 30 feet across (including shoulders), installation of a sidewalk/pathway along only one side of the road and reparation of the storm sewer systems.

"The resolution also calls for the county to hold public informational meetings in regard to the project designs."

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