Saturday, August 9, 2014

Late summer reading

In the 'From The Desk Of The Parochial Administrator' column by Father Aaron Esch in last Sunday's parish bulletin (St. Alphonsus, Greendale),
"If you are looking to do some spiritual reading this summer, I offer two suggestions. These are both books I’ve read and recently returned to. The first is Fulton J Sheen’s Life of Christ. This is a classic work by the well-known author. It will help you come to know better our Lord and his Gospel. A more recent work that I have been paging through recently is Catholicism by Robert Barron. You may be familiar with his excellent mini-series by the same name. Father Barron lays out the basics of our Faith in a compelling manner."


  1. I was excited with the first one, then the second one was a bummer to hear... wondering if he has read anything prior to the 20th century

  2. Considering his topic is summer reading and his audience is bulletin-reading parishioners, do you have some suggestions for pre-twentieth century Catholic nonfiction?

  3. Not necessarily I'm just being dumb. Could do The lives of the Saints.