Thursday, June 12, 2014

Say yes, men, to the Synod

Last week our Archdiocesan weekly looked forward to the Synod held over the weekend just past. This included looking back on its origin.

Here's the opening paragraph to the front page article ‘New Pentecost’ catalyst for archdiocesan renewal, by Brian T. Olszewski.

"It began in 2012. Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki called together a group of people from throughout the archdiocese to serve as an Archdiocesan Synod Preparatory Commission. Their mission was to determine whether the time was right for an archdiocesan synod. Their advice to the archbishop: It was."
I can see why, given what our Archbishop says in his page 3 Herald of Hope column, At last, Archdiocesan Synod to begin.
"When I first mentioned the possibility of a synod, it was met with a sense of skepticism. Was this the right time? After all, we are in bankruptcy. How do we plan for the future? My response: Is there ever a right time?"

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