Friday, May 23, 2014

Spring 2014 priest appointments announced

Our Milwaukee Catholic Herald reports
"Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki, in consultation with the Priest Placement Board of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, has appointed the following priests for ministry in the Archdiocese, effective June 17, unless otherwise noted."
As I understand an explanation Dave Pawlak once provided in a comment, the listed appointments of priests as "administrators" are until our Archbishop formally makes them pastors.

For our parish,

"Fr. Aaron Esch, from associate pastor, St. Alphonsus Parish, Greendale, to administrator, St. Alphonsus Parish, Greendale."
"Fr. Kevin Barnekow, from shared associate pastor, St. William Parish, Waukesha, and St. John Neumann, Waukesha, to associate pastor, St. Alphonsus Parish, Greendale."
Fr. Esch succeeds Fr. Alan Jurkus, who is completing an extension of his term as pastor and delay of his retirement.

Often the brief flurry of excitement at the appointment of a new pastor turns out to be like that which occurs between the alarm clock going off and hitting the snooze button, but we can always hope and pray that this is not such a time.

Elsewhere in our cluster of parishes, Fr. Chuck Schramm completes his time as pastor.

"Fr. Brian Mason, from associate pastor, St. Mary Parish, Hales Corners, to administrator, St. Mary Parish, Hales Corners."
"Fr. Gideon Buya, newly ordained, appointed associate pastor, St. Mary Parish, Hales Corners."
No news for St. John the Evangelist, Greenfield, or St. Martin of Tours, Franklin.


  1. so with Fr. Esch could things be finally turning the corner?

  2. St. Martin of Tours is run by the Sacred Heart Fathers, so they may make their changes in their own time.