Thursday, December 26, 2013

Synod Survey seeks your say

"Please complete this survey by January 1, 2014."
it says at the Archdiocese of Milwaukee website. It goes on,
"You are invited to take a very brief survey that includes watching a 3 minute video. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is holding a 'Synod' in June 2014. Your input on this survey will help in our planning. Please view the follow [sic] video and answer the questions below."
You might have seen the video at your parish.
"The Beauty of the Catholic Church is a video produced as a part of the planning that is being held across the Archdiocese in preparation for the Archdiocesan Synod, which will take place in June 2014."
The video is also available at YouTube, where a more extensive explanation of the Synod is provided. There is this brief explanation at the Archdiocese's survey page.
"The Synod will provide the faith community the opportunity to develop a renewed vision of how we work together in implementing our pastoral priorities of Catholic Identity, Evangelization and Stewardship. The hope of the Synod will be to re-energize Catholics in their faith and inspire a new evangelization within the Church of southeastern Wisconsin."
If nothing else is, that this is expressed in terms of hope is a hopeful sign.

The questions are:

"1. Background Information: (check all that apply)
_Have child(ren) in a Catholic school
_Have child(ren) in a Catholic Religious Education Program
_Involved in a Young Adult Group

"2. Age:
_18 - 25
_26 - 35
_36 - 45
_46 +

"3. City/State: "

The next two questions each have three fill-in boxes. Faced with these, I usually find it better, when possible, to draft answers in some kind of word processing or text editor software to allow more opportunity for thought and revision.
"4. List up to three ways we could deepen the faith of people currently involved with our parish:

"5. List up to three way we can reach out to those who are not actively involved in a parish: "

It does not say if survey results will be published.

P.S. YouTube shows 349 subscribers to the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's videos, and 4,922 viewings of this video, with 57 likes and 7 dislikes.

(via St. Martin of Tours bulletin)

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