Saturday, November 30, 2013

Left, right, left, left

At The Economist's Erasmus weblog, B.C. posts on Pope Francis's Evangelii Gaudium, including on
"the sections of the document which deal with global economics. In these sections, the ideological position is clear. The passages reflect a particular school of left-wing thought, and they are full of left-wing insights and left-wing blind spots. ...

"As is pointed out by Philip Booth, an economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a pro-market think-tank, the critique of capitalism in the papal exhortation is often heard among people 'who have experience of the highly regulated, state-controlled pseudo-capitalist systems of South America.' But surely there are other varieties of capitalism, whose merits and failings would be worth examining. And whatever makes the more rigid, fossilised economies of the Latin world (where a lot of Catholic thinking is done) into impossible places for young people to make a living, it is certainly not an excess of free-market ideology."

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