Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wrecking the curve

As I briefly mentioned sometime back, our pastor reported in his column in a Sunday bulletin,
"our parish day school enrollment is the highest it has been in years. It will be about 475. This is really good news, given the fact that so many of the parish schools are experiencing a declining enrollment."
For this to be good news, doesn't it have to be something other than a fluke? And if it isn't a fluke, isn't it a result of taking a different approach? If it's from a different approach, shouldn't other parish schools try to replicate it as a best practice?

And if one parish can get better results in this area, why isn't it at least possible for it to get better results in other areas? If that's possible, then it isn't an answer to declining Mass attendance to observe that it's a problem throughout the Western world. And it isn't an answer to 30% attrition in the religious education program between First Communion and Confirmation to observe that the kids can't be forced to receive the latter.

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