Saturday, October 12, 2013

Burnishing the Sheen

While Bishop of Rochester, New York, Fulton Sheen considered communicating with the diocese by buying a page weekly in the local daily newspaper instead of publishing its own. This fell through because of a long term printing contract for the diocesan newspaper. He does not explain why that meant dropping the idea as a failure rather than deferring it. [Treasure in Clay (1980), by Fulton J. Sheen, pp. 177-178]

Perhaps it reflected our Church's current culture. Experimentation sometimes means someone can remember that something similar was tried in the past and failed, and therefore there's absolutely no point to examining the experience to see if what's being suggested could be modified to produce better results. (Other times experimentation means something that some recall fondly as avant-garde in the immediate post-conciliar era never goes away, or will keep coming back without change, without regard to results.)

Perhaps in neither of these senses, Bishop of Orange Kevin Vann announces,

The Orange County Catholic will expand its current distribution from a monthly to weekly edition every Wednesday starting Nov. 6. In addition to its circulation to parishes, the Orange County Catholic will also be available on a free opt-in basis for Orange County Register seven-day subscribers.
The weekly Milwaukee Catholic Herald is mailed to subscribers. I've wondered if it could be delivered with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to subscribers of both. And maybe once in a while to everyone.

(via Rocco Palmo Twitter feed)

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