Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tenners, anyone?

Some older news, including from our suburban weekly's police blotter,
"A counterfeit $10 bill was passed at Walmart, 6701 S. 27th St., June 2. The bill was confiscated by police and sent to the U.S. Secret Service."
In other local news:

Search under way for new library director, Franklin Now reported. "[Barbara] Roark was not just a great library director, she's a great person,' [Franklin Library Foundation president Dennis] McKnight said of the woman who has served as Franklin's library director for the past 15 years. 'We're looking for a person to be a clone of Barbara Roark.'" I assume that means they hope to find an excellent successor, but in not in any sense an imitation.

Planning ahead makes bigger trouble for theft suspect, by Terrie Peret at Franklin Now. "She apparently broke into the lumber yard to conceal merchandise inside other merchandise, with the intent of coming back to the store and purchasing the items containing the concealed items."

Political rearguard, by Daniel Bice at No Quarter, on a County Board resolution against officials using public funds for radio public service announcements. "'This resolution clearly stems from the ongoing personal vendetta its chief sponsor, Supervisor Jursik, has with Sheriff Clarke, and I wish she had more tact in going about this matter,' said Supervisor Steve F. Taylor." (Dist 9)

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